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One of Our Largest Donations Yet!

By Bradley You | Mon, Aug 2 2021

Alan Qiao (Left) and Alex Yang (Right) donating supplies to Gwinnett County Schools

This week, Alan Qiao and Alex Wang helped deliver one of our largest donations to the Gwinnett County Public Schools ISC. After talking to the Foundation Community Specialist, Donna Zimmer, of GCPS, we planned to donate several hundred notepads, notebooks, scissors, and other kinds of school supplies through donations given to us from friends, family, and our local community.

By donating these supplies to the Gwinnett County Public Schools building directly, we were able to deliver a massive amount of supplies that can be distributed to schools all across the Gwinnett County area! Instead of personally donating to each school, our donations will be given to schools that are most in need of supplies so that each and every school will have a strong start to the school year.

As for the our experience donating to GCPS, it couldn't have been more incredible! Everyone in the building welcomed us warmly and were extremely friendly and appreciative of us.

Not only was everyone a delight to meet, but they were all so considerate as well. Alex, especially, was touched by their kindness.

The staff there was extremely hospitable, as they helped us find the main entrance when we were lost outside, embarrassingly. They were also extremely thoughtful by giving us carts to wheel in all those boxes! Really helped make things easier! - Alex Yang

And as for Alan, he was thrilled to see our supplies in good hands, knowing that they will be given to the students and teachers that need them the most.

I felt very happy knowing these materials will be used to help schools reopen again. - Alan Qiao

Overall, our experience talking to the staff of GCPS and delivering these donations was absolutely delightful, and we are all excited to see how these supplies will help students and teachers tackle this exciting, new school year!

We hope to work with Gwinnett County Public Schools in the future as we are nowhere close to stopping our journey to support schools that need help the most.

Thank you and we hope that you continue following us on our mission!

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