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Aegis for Schools is an organization dedicated to supporting students and teachers alike during times of great uncertainty and difficulty. We aim to create a classroom where students can continue learning, and teachers can continue teaching without worrying about the health and safety of themselves and their families during this global pandemic.


to achieve our mission

Aegis for Schools intends to accomplish our mission by donating the right necessities and supplies to protect students and teachers and to sustain the reopening of schools. We will directly contact and deliver the required amount of safety supplies to schools either online or in-person. Such safety supplies and necessities include masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and any other item that can reduce the rate of infection and maintain the health of all school staff and students.​



       We are a group of ambitious and driven high schools students, aiming to create a positive impact on our schools and community. Our names are: Bradley You, Alan Qiao, Alex Yang, and Victor Chen. 


       We formed Aegis for Schools because we sought to support our fellow classmates and teachers during a time where education becomes a major concern. With the pandemic came a streamline of problems, and one that was most familiar to us, high school students, was the problem of reopening schools. After witnessing thousands of teachers, students, families, classmates, and friends share their concerns about returning to schools on almost every faucet of social media, we realized the importance of acknowledging these concerns so that every student may safely return to school and no teachers would have to fear for their own health.

      While we are still high school students with limited capabilities during this global pandemic, we could not simply sit still and wait for disaster to strike and close our school or the other hundreds of schools across the country, denying opportunities to students and families nationwide; therefore, we decided to take action—to create an environment where all can be safe while reaching for greater education and higher dreams. This is our goal.

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