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Aegis for Schools is an organization dedicated to supporting students and teachers  during a time of great uncertainty and difficulty. We aim to create a classroom where students can continue learning, and teachers can continue teaching without worrying about the health and safety of themselves and other difficulties presented by the pandemic.


to achieve our mission

      Aegis for Schools intends to accomplish this mission by donating the right necessities and supplies to protect and help students and teachers during the reopening of schools. We will directly contact and deliver the necessary amount of supplies to schools either online or in-person. Such supplies and necessities include masks, notebooks, pencils, and any other item that can provide the best school environment possible during the pandemic.



       We are a group of ambitious and driven high school students, aiming to create a positive impact in our schools and community. 


       When COVID struck in 2019, everyone around the world felt its impact, and many continue to suffer from ongoing problems created by the pandemic. The problem that hits closest to home for us, as students, is the issue of reopening schools.

       After witnessing thousands in our community—teachers, classmates, family members and friends—take to social media to share their concerns, we realized the severity of this issue, and the importance of taking steps to ensure our schools could not just reopen but reopen safely for all. We felt we had to take action.

       While we are still high school students with limited capabilities, we could not simply sit still and wait for disaster to strike our schools, denying opportunities to students and families nationwide. Therefore, we decided to take action—to create an environment where all can be safe while aiming for greater education and achieving their dreams.

       But our organization has another initiative: to dispel harmful stereotypes against the Asian-American community. During the pandemic, Asian-Americans have seen a rise in attacks, both physical and verbal, because of an unjust belief that correlates all Asian-Americans with the COVID-19 pandemic. To combat this harmful belief, we, as Asian-Americans, have decided to not only spread positivity but awareness of Asian-American involvement in our community, hoping that our actions will help people become more open-minded.

       100% of your generous donations will go towards getting our schools back on their feet, providing support for teachers and students alike, and cultivating a community of positivity and open-mindedness where everyone has a chance to pursue a higher education in confidence.

       This is our goal, and we hope it is yours as well. Help us work towards creating a better, safer, learning environment for all.


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Meet The Team

Brad You

Bradley You

Founder, Website Manager, Social Media Director

   Bradley is from Duluth, GA, and is a senior at Woodward Academy. Bradley has experience in volunteering and leadership from...Read More


Alex Yang

Co-founder, Donation Assistant

   Alex is from Johns Creek, GA, and is a senior at Northview High School. He has experience helping and serving others from...Read More


Alan Qiao

Co-founder, Donation Assistant

   Alan is from Alpharetta, GA, and is a junior at Chattahoochee High School. He has played hockey at the elite level for 11 years. He studied...Read More


Victor Chen

Co-founder, Donation Assistant

   Victor Chen is from Johns Creek, GA and is a Senior at Johns Creek High School. After trying several different sports at early years, he found out that his passion...Read More

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